Coffey Lake Public Pit

How To Get Gravel?

  • The Coffey Lake Public Pit will operate as a ‘grab and go’ operation. Pit users will be required to remove raw aggregate material to be processed off-site.
  • Access to the Coffey Lake Public Gravel Pit will require an application to obtain a Public Pit License (PPL)** through Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), or Athabasca Minerals can load client supplied trucks. Anyone wanting to operate within Coffey Lake will be required to meet standards set by Occupational Health and Safety legislation, applicable federal and provincial legislation for environmental protection, and the Coffey Lake Pit Regulations.
  • Pit Users will be required to remit the following to acquire product:
    • Pit management fee
    • Alberta Government surcharge*
    • Third party road use fee
  • Aggregate supply options will also be available for those who may not prequalify to operate within the pit but require aggregates for small scale projects.
  • For safety, security, and environmental management purposes, all persons entering the pit must have AMI authorization and complete/sign a site safety orientation.

* The Royalty and Reclamation Surcharge are both set by Ministerial Order 28/2015 Public Lands Rents, Fees and Other Amounts Payable Order as amended or replaced.
**The PPL process has not yet been finalized and PPLs are not currently available.