Pit Operations

Roles and Responsibilities

Athabasca Minerals
  • complete all regulatory and permitting activities for the pit
  • ensure compliance with regulatory and permit approval conditions throughout the life of the pit
  • construct gate and security infrastructure (e.g. signage) at the pit entrance and construct the pit access road
  • delineate (stakes, flagging) lease, AIA boundaries, reclamation material stockpiles, reclaimed areas, environmental features (e.g. wildlife setbacks, waterbodies, etc.) and operational setbacks
  • clear, salvage, and remove merchantable timber
  • manage woody debris
  • build and maintain main pit haul roads including ditches for water management
  • maintain external roads required for access into the pit as per road use agreements
  • construct, maintain and operate truck scales to monitor material leaving the pit
  • collect, pay and report government royalties
  • post signage on haul roads and in common areas (e.g. scale operating area/pit entrance)
  • monitor water management activities in accordance with all applicable legislation
  • monitor wildlife, vegetation and weeds
  • complete all topsoil (A Horizon) and subsoil (B Horizon) replacement
  • de-compact and contour haul roads and common areas
  • complete revegetation in accordance with reclamation plan
  • final reclamation and monitoring
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Pit Users
  • obtain a Public Pit License (PPL)** from AEP
  • strip and salvage topsoil (A Horizon) and subsoil (B Horizon) in the designated Aggregate Inventory Area (AIA)
  • post safety signage within the AIA
  • excavate and manage overburden
  • build temporary haul roads within AIA
  • mine aggregates
  • de-water AIA in accordance with permits and approvals
  • load aggregates on gravel trucks
  • truck aggregates to off-site locations for final processing
  • de-compact and contour temporary haul roads
  • complete overburden placement and contouring in the depleted AIA
  • slope pit faces to during mining activities
  • remove waste debris within the designated AIA to approved treatment/recycling facilities
**The PPL process has yet to be finalized so PPLs are not currently available. .